IVF 009Embryo Donation (Donor Information)

By choosing embryo donation, the donating family has the opportunity to give each embryo a chance to be born to a loving, caring woman or couple who has long awaited the experience of pregnancy, birth and parenthood. If you currently have embryos in storage and think that you may be finished building your family, please contact our office for more information regarding embryo donation.

Embryo Adoption (Recipient Information)

For many couples embryo adoption is an ideal alternative to traditional adoption as it is often less expensive, less complicated, and still allows couples to enjoy the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. The process is similar to that of a donor egg IVF cycle where after an initial consultation, the recipient receives a basic health assessment, is matched with a donor based on given specifications, and then undergoes an in-office procedure to transfer the frozen embryos into the uterus.

Carolina Conceptions abides by the guidelines mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding embryo donation. These safety guidelines are in place to reduce, if not completely eliminate, transfer of infectious tissue. Laboratory screening, similar to that done prior to undergoing In Vitro Fertilization, is performed and includes screening for HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B and C as well as syphilis.

As the recipient of donated embryos, you can be assured that the donor candidates have completed paperwork that releases their parental right to any and all embryos donated.

Since 2009, Carolina Conceptions’ Embryo Adoption Program has completed 68 cycles and has a Clinical Pregnancy Rate of 66% (fetal heartbeat present on ultrasound)(as of 8/15).

The program at Carolina Conceptions is completely anonymous and available to patients once they become established with the practice. If you would like to be considered as a candidate to adopt embryos please contact our office today so we can further explore this option.