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Dr. Bill Meyer, Carolina Conceptions 

It is likely that you are reading this because you welcome the chance to help others. On a larger scale this may evolve into a mission trip. Why does one do a mission trip to Honduras? Perhaps to see a new culture, be stressed and placed out of our comfort zone, or to perform humanitarian deeds under the auspices of advanced health care or God.

Holy Family Surgery center was started on the 600 orphan ranch campus of Nuestros Pequenos Ninos outside Tegulcigalpa, Honduras by an orthopedic surgeon and his wife. Operations once performed in a large truck are now performed in a three operating room surgical center.

My wife and I are endeared by the Honduran patients we have met. This year I performed my second operation on a woman who smiled broadly when she saw my wife and I walk into the clinic last Monday. I recruited an Ob/GYN friend from Atlanta to travel with me this time. He and I had been residents at Grady Hospital 30 years ago.


If interested in volunteering please go to  You don’t have to be a physician, nurse or even Catholic. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vamanos con Dios