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It’s no secret that women are waiting longer to begin their families. Yet, the single most important factor influencing a woman’s ability to conceive, is still her age. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to get pregnant- unless you take control of your fertility with egg freezing at a younger age (ideally before age 35).

If you’ve ever wondered about extending your fertility with egg freezing, but didn’t know who to trust for information, join Dr. Meaghan Bowling to get the facts about egg freezing. She will be hosting a free seminar at Carolina Conceptions on Tuesday, December 5 at 6pm.

Following the seminar, we will offer an egg freeze discount during the months of January, February, and March. For patients who attend the seminar and complete an egg freeze cycle during these months you will receive $250 off your cycle price!

To schedule a consultation please call 919-782-5911, option 3. Please RSVP for the seminar by Monday, 11/27/17 via email.