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Last night, Carolina Conceptions and Theralogix, were pleased to co-host an educational seminar for women living with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). As Dr. Bill Meyer explained to attendees last night, “PCOS is a leading cause of infertility, and affects 1 in 10 women. Women affected often experience symptoms of irregular menses, acne, and unwanted hair growth. Losing weight can also be a challenge, usually due to underlying insulin resistance.” In addition to infertility, women with PCOS are at risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


Guest speaker, Pam Schoenfeld, (Nutritionist/Dietitian, MS, RD, LDN) with Women and Family Nutrition LLC, presented an overview of PCOS with evidence-based dietary therapies that can help women manage PCOS symptoms and reduce the need for medications.  Pam explained low-carb vs. other types of diets, beneficial exercise programs, and information about what vitamins and minerals are important for women with PCOS to consider.


Lifestyle changes are the first step in managing PCOS, and new research points to the benefits of targeted nutritional supplementation. Theralogix  provides vitamins and nutritional supplements recommended by CC physicians. Lori Vrochopoulos, provided a spread of healthy foods for all to enjoy last night, compliments of Theralogix. She shared with attendees how the supplement Ovasitol can help women with PCOS achieve menstrual regularity and more normal ovarian function. “Ovasitol is formulated by an advisory board of leading reproductive health specialists,” explained Lori. “It is the first and only inositol supplement that has been independently verified for content accuracy, purity, and freedom from contaminants through a not-for-profit certification program (NSF® International).”


If you were unable to attend our seminar last night and would like to learn more, please:

Call or Email Pam Schoenfield of Women and Family Nutrition: 919-800-0343

Call Carolina Conceptions to ask for a discounted prescription of Ovasitol: 919-782-5911


If you have not yet been diagnosed with PCOS, but suspect it due to symptoms you are experiencing, please contact your ob/gyn.


If you suspect PCOS and have been struggling to conceive (6 months or more if 35+ years old/ 12 months or more if under age 35) call Carolina Conceptions to schedule a consult with one of our compassionate physicians.